Rossy Ogawa’s Departure from Stardom: Opening New Doors in the Wrestling World

Rossy Ogawa, renowned as the founder and executive producer of the widely popular Japanese wrestling promotion, Stardom, recently faced termination from the company he helped establish. While it was reported that Ogawa’s departure was primarily due to his alleged attempts to poach talent during his tenure as executive producer, he believes there were underlying issues of harassment within the organization that led to his diminishing motivation.

In a candid discussion with Tokyo Sports, Ogawa disclosed that the continuous harassment he encountered within Stardom ultimately impacted his willingness to continue working there. “I experienced undue pressure and witnessed persistent harassment within the company, which gradually eroded my passion for this workplace. Consequently, some wrestlers and staff members expressed reluctance about staying with the organization,” he expressed.

As a result of the constraints he faced at Stardom, Ogawa revealed his plans to establish a new wrestling organization, highlighting the opportunities it would provide in comparison to his previous venture. “Creating a new organization? Absolutely. I aim to push the boundaries and pursue endeavors that were previously unattainable within the confines of Stardom. The limitations faced by such a prominent company restrict our ability to explore certain avenues,” Ogawa shared confidently.

Denying the allegations of talent poaching, he emphasized that numerous players were eager to join his new venture upon hearing the rumors. “We categorically deny these allegations. Interestingly, after the rumors circulated, there was an influx of players expressing interest in joining this new organization. The rumors seemed to fuel panic within the industry. Surprisingly, President (Taro) Okada even ‘welcomed’ the idea of our new venture, proposing a rivalry match on the 15th anniversary,” Ogawa explained with a touch of incredulity.

Rossy Ogawa’s departure from Stardom marks a significant turning point for the renowned wrestling promotion. The future unveils whether Ogawa’s determination and experience will enable him to build a new organization that can rival the success of Stardom itself. What are your reflections on this chapter of Rossy Ogawa’s journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

FAQ Section:

Q: Why did Rossy Ogawa face termination from Stardom?
A: Rossy Ogawa allegedly attempted to poach talent during his time as executive producer, which led to his termination. Additionally, he claims that he experienced harassment within the organization.

Q: What were the underlying issues that led to Ogawa’s diminishing motivation?
A: Ogawa mentioned persistent harassment and undue pressure within Stardom as the underlying issues that impacted his motivation to continue working there.

Q: What are Ogawa’s plans following his departure from Stardom?
A: Ogawa plans to establish a new wrestling organization where he can explore opportunities and pursue endeavors that were previously unattainable within Stardom.

Q: Did Ogawa deny the allegations of talent poaching?
A: Yes, Ogawa categorically denied the allegations of talent poaching and stated that players were actually expressing interest in joining his new organization after hearing the rumors.

– Stardom: A widely popular Japanese wrestling promotion.
– Executive producer: A senior producer who oversees the production of a film, television show, or other related media.
– Harassment: The ongoing unwanted or offensive behavior that targets an individual or group and creates an intimidating or hostile environment.

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