Sons of Serendip: A Musical Journey Beyond America’s Got Talent

The Lafon Arts Center is proud to present the sensational quartet, Sons of Serendip, as they take the stage on Sunday, Feb. 18 at 3 p.m. Known for their captivating performances on America’s Got Talent, this Billboard-charting group offers a unique blend of vocals, harp, piano, and cello.

With four albums under their belt and a place on the Billboard charts, Sons of Serendip have captured the hearts of millions. Their talent knows no bounds, evident in their collaborations with renowned orchestras such as the Boston Pops and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, as well as a magical performance for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Lead vocalist Micah Christian, pianist and guitarist Cordaro Rodriguez, cellist Nathaniel Taylor, and harpist Mason Morton form a powerhouse of musical prowess. Each member has dedicated their lives to mastering their instruments from a young age, resulting in a harmonious blend of skill and passion.

But Sons of Serendip’s performances go beyond the music. Their interpretations are deeply emotional and resonate with audiences on a profound level. Whether you’re a fan of classical or pop music, their diverse repertoire has something for everyone.

“Allison Hymel, marketing and box office director for the Lafon Arts Center, expressed the community’s excitement to witness the magic of Sons of Serendip live on stage. It’s a chance to experience the group they fell in love with during their memorable America’s Got Talent journey,” she said.

Prepare to be moved as Sons of Serendip take you on an unforgettable musical journey at the Lafon Performing Arts Center. This is an experience that transcends age and personal taste, leaving a lasting impression on all who bear witness.

Tickets for Sons of Serendip are available for $45 each. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness their breathtaking performance. Get your tickets now at

And mark your calendars because, after the mesmerizing Sons of Serendip, the Lafon Arts Center will welcome the renowned dance company Ailey II on Thursday, Feb. 22 at 7:30 p.m. Ailey II, founded in 1974, has become one of the most beloved modern dance companies in the world.

Be part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of Ailey II and witness their exceptional dancers showcase their artistry, vitality, and virtuosity. From world premieres to repertory favorites, this season’s programming promises to inspire and transform audiences.

Tickets for Ailey II are on sale for $35. Secure your seats now and be a part of these unforgettable performances. Visit to purchase tickets for either event.

FAQ – Sons of Serendip Concert at the Lafon Arts Center

1. Who is performing at the Lafon Arts Center?
The Sons of Serendip quartet will be performing at the Lafon Arts Center.

2. When is the concert?
The concert will take place on Sunday, Feb. 18 at 3 p.m.

3. What is the Sons of Serendip known for?
Sons of Serendip gained popularity from their performances on America’s Got Talent and their Billboard-charting albums.

4. What instruments do they play?
The group consists of a lead vocalist, a pianist and guitarist, a cellist, and a harpist.

5. How have they been recognized?
Sons of Serendip have collaborated with renowned orchestras like the Boston Pops and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, as well as performed at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

6. What can I expect from their performances?
Their interpretations are emotional and resonate with audiences on a profound level, offering a diverse repertoire suitable for fans of classical and pop music.

7. How much are tickets for the concert?
Tickets for Sons of Serendip are available for $45 each.

8. Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at

Key Terms and Jargon:
– Quartet: A group of four musicians performing together.
– Billboard charts: Charts that rank the most popular music albums based on sales, streams, and radio airplay.
– Repertoire: A collection of songs or pieces that a musician or group can perform.

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