Alexander Skarsgård: A Brief but Memorable Appearance in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

In the highly anticipated original series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, viewers are immediately captivated by the intriguing opening scene. However, it is not the lead actors, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, who take the spotlight. Instead, the first five minutes of the show introduce us to the enigmatic characters portrayed by Eiza González and Alexander Skarsgård.

Skarsgård, known for his remarkable performances in various films and television shows, including True Blood and Big Little Lies, spends the shortest amount of time on-screen. Yet, his role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith is undeniably one of the series’ most iconic moments.

The opening scene sets the tone for the thrilling narrative. Jane (González) is seen on the porch of a remote cabin, twisting a wedding ring on her finger. John (Skarsgård) joins her, carrying two mugs and a bottle of wine. Their conversation is filled with tension and anticipation as they discuss the last bottle of wine they have. Just as they try to find solace in each other’s company, a squirrel brings a temporary sense of peace. However, their tranquility is shattered when they hear a black SUV approaching and realize they are being pursued.

The scene takes a dramatic turn as John prepares to defend themselves. Jane expresses her exhaustion, unable to continue running away. In a passionate moment, John makes a decision: they will stop running. He hands her a gun, but before they can execute their plan, tragedy strikes. A bullet pierces John’s face, leaving a shocking and gory aftermath reminiscent of a scene from Breaking Bad.

Although Skarsgård’s role is brief, his presence leaves a lasting impression. With an extensive list of credits to his name, one might question why the Emmy-winning actor would take on such a limited role. The answer is simple: he enjoys the challenge and believes in Donald Glover’s vision. Skarsgård previously appeared as himself in Glover’s FX drama, Atlanta, showcasing their mutual respect and collaboration.

As viewers, we are reminded that there are no small parts, only small actors. Skarsgård’s commitment to his craft and willingness to embrace diverse roles contribute to his enduring appeal. Even in a short appearance, his talent shines through.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, complete with its stellar cast, including the unforgettable presence of Alexander Skarsgård, is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

FAQ Section:

Q: Who are the lead actors in the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
A: The lead actors in Mr. & Mrs. Smith are Donald Glover and Maya Erskine.

Q: Who are the enigmatic characters introduced in the opening scene?
A: The opening scene introduces the characters Jane, portrayed by Eiza González, and John, portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård.

Q: What is the role of Alexander Skarsgård in Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
A: Alexander Skarsgård plays the character of John in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Q: What is the tone set by the opening scene of the series?
A: The opening scene sets a thrilling and suspenseful tone for the narrative.

Q: What happens in the opening scene?
A: In the opening scene, Jane and John are on a porch discussing their situation and the pursuit they are under. Tragedy strikes as John is shot in the face, leaving a shocking aftermath.

Q: Why did Alexander Skarsgård take on a limited role in the series?
A: Alexander Skarsgård took on the limited role because he enjoys the challenge and believes in Donald Glover’s vision. He also previously worked with Glover in the FX drama Atlanta.

Q: Where can viewers stream Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
A: Viewers can stream Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime Video.


1. Enigmatic: Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
2. Iconic: Widely recognized and regarded as a symbol of a particular quality, characteristic, or phenomenon.
3. Narrative: A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.
4. Tension: Mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or challenging circumstances.
5. Pursued: Chased, followed, or sought after.
6. Tragedy: A disastrous or sad event or situation.
7. Gory: Involving or showing violence, bloodshed, or graphic details.

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