Comedian Preacher Lawson Returns to America’s Got Talent with Memorable Memphis Jokes

Popular comedian Preacher Lawson is set to make his grand return to America’s Got Talent, bringing with him his hilarious Memphis-themed jokes. After impressing audiences as a finalist on Season 12 and competing on both the British and American versions of The Champions, Lawson is ready to showcase his talent once again.

Lawson, who spent his younger years in Memphis before embarking on a successful comedy career, credits America’s Got Talent as his big break. Reflecting on his journey, he mentions, “I had a couple of things before that didn’t matter. I mean, it all matters, but no one cared about it.” Lawson’s previous experiences in Memphis continue to inspire his comedic material, and he enthusiastically shares, “Memphis people are funny. This new current joke I’m doing is about Memphis. There are so many jokes I’m making about Memphis.”

Despite living miles away from his hometown, Lawson acknowledges the support he received along the way. He humorously expresses, “In your face. I said I couldn’t make it as a class clown; guess what? I’m balling now.” With over 15 years in the comedy industry, including successful tours and performances around the world, Lawson is now “a little more seasoned” and eager to entertain audiences on America’s Got Talent once again.

In the upcoming America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League semi-finals, Lawson will be showcasing his comedic prowess as part of Team Howie Mandel. As a versatile and charming entertainer, Lawson is sure to captivate the judges and fans with his unique brand of humor.

Don’t miss Preacher Lawson’s side-splitting performance on Monday, and brace yourself for a laughter-filled evening. Stay tuned for more updates on this talented comedian and his journey on America’s Got Talent.


Q: Who is Preacher Lawson?
A: Preacher Lawson is a popular comedian who has appeared on America’s Got Talent. He also competed on both the British and American versions of The Champions.

Q: What is Lawson’s connection to Memphis?
A: Lawson spent his younger years in Memphis before starting his comedy career. His experiences in Memphis continue to inspire his comedic material.

Q: How has America’s Got Talent helped Lawson’s career?
A: Lawson credits America’s Got Talent as his big break in the comedy industry. He mentions that it was through this show that he gained recognition and success.

Q: What is Lawson’s performance style?
A: Lawson is known for his hilarious and Memphis-themed jokes. He has been praised for his versatility and charm as an entertainer.

Q: When will Lawson be performing on America’s Got Talent?
A: Lawson’s upcoming performance on America’s Got Talent will be in the Fantasy League semi-finals.

Q: Which judge’s team is Lawson a part of?
A: Lawson is part of Team Howie Mandel on America’s Got Talent.

Key Terms and Jargon:

– America’s Got Talent: A popular television show where performers of various talents compete for a chance to win a prize and gain recognition.
– The Champions: Refers to both the British and American versions of America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where winners and notable performers from the regular seasons compete against each other.
– Comedic prowess: Refers to a person’s skill and talent in delivering comedy and making people laugh.

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